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Reflections on Forty Years of “Star Wars”

by Scott Cimarusti on May 24, 2017, no comments

Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the initially limited release of the original Star Wars film.  So it’s been almost four decades since I was an imaginative, shy, and somewhat precocious seven-year old when my father took me to the Yorktown theater in suburban Chicago on a rainy Saturday afternoon in June.  I can still remember with […]

2016 Election Post-Mortem

by Scott Cimarusti on November 10, 2016, no comments

The last time I wrote in my blog, I’d expressed my desire to make yet another attempt at blogging/writing more regularly. And that was over four months ago. So why not try kickstarting my blogging and writing efforts once again by writing about the 2016 Election? I’ve spent a great deal of time since the election processing Trump’s […]

A Lesson in Humility

by Scott Cimarusti on March 11, 2016, no comments

Yesterday I received a present in the mail from a friend of mine.  I was her supervisor when she was a student employee several years ago, and we’ve thankfully still managed to stay in touch over the years in spite of geographical distance.  I served as a job reference for her shortly before and after […]