The Truth About Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

by Scott Cimarusti on October 31, 2007, no comments

This posting has been simmering on the back-burner in my brain for a little while, and I’m finally getting around to “dumping” about it. (Mainly because I’m at a loss for anything else at the moment.) Bachelor parties, it seems, have developed a lewd reputation over the years–though I will admit, not entirely without cause. […]

My Definition of True Friendship

by Scott Cimarusti on October 29, 2007, no comments

In an earlier post, I rambled on about my theory that as we go through life, we encounter a select number of people with whom we have a truly unique and singular bond, whether it be a significant other, a family member, or a friend. Coincidentally, I’ve been reading a book by the Dalai Lama […]

Musings About My Daughter’s Eleventh Birthday

by Scott Cimarusti on October 28, 2007, no comments

Few things more clearly mark the swift passage of time than watching your children grow up. My daughter celebrated her eleventh birthday yesterday, and aside from the disbelief that I am the father of an eleven-year old girl on the brink of adolescence, these are some of the other unsettling thoughts that occurred to me […]

Art Appreciation

by Scott Cimarusti on October 24, 2007, no comments

Let me begin by stating that I try to appreciate art in all of its forms. I don’t claim to truly understand all of it, but at the very least I acknowledge its importance and place in our society. What I don’t subscribe to, is the culture of idol-worship and egoism that is so rampant […]

Running on Auto-pilot

by Scott Cimarusti on October 18, 2007, no comments

I was driving to work this morning, leapfrogging across the radio dial in search of something worth listening to, when I suddenly realized that I had wound up where I was at that particular moment–geographically and chronologically speaking–without really being conscious of it. In fact, for a few seconds, I thought my three-year old son […]

Dog Apparel

by Scott Cimarusti on October 16, 2007, no comments

I was walking out of work this evening, and as a car passed by me, I noticed that the canine occupant of the vehicle, standing with its paws propped up so it could peer out the window, was wearing some manner of garment. Now I’ve had this discussion with my wife on several occasions regarding […]

I Miss Fall

by Scott Cimarusti on October 13, 2007, no comments

I don’t know if it’s the selective memory of childhood, but it seems to me that when I was a kid, fall lasted much longer than it has the past several years. Now, I realize that time seems to pass much slower when you’re a kid, when you’re not weighed down with the obligations of […]

“A Nightmare with No End in Sight”

by Scott Cimarusti on October 13, 2007, no comments

…is how retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez describes the U.S. mission in Iraq. And he should know; he commanded coalition troops for a year starting in June of 2003. He attributes the deadly quagmire that Iraq has become since the deposing of Saddam Hussein to political misjudgments–specifically the failure to quickly establish a civilian government […]

Congratulations to Al Gore…

by Scott Cimarusti on October 13, 2007, no comments

…on his shared Nobel Peace Prize. I have not yet seen An Inconvenient Truth, but it is in my Netflix queue and I will be getting to it shortly. I also plan to read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear, which–while fiction–takes the opposite stance on global warming. I’m not a tree-hugging environmentalist, nor an alarmist […]

The Monsters in Our Closets

by Scott Cimarusti on October 12, 2007, no comments

Regarding Ann Coulter’s recent comments about how Jews should convert to Christianity so they can become “perfected”… (Here’s the link for you media masochists.) (And if you’ve managed to make it to this stage in your life not knowing who Ann Coulter is, consider yourself blessed. Or lucky.) I realize that those responsible for “news” […]