Hugging and Other Such Evils of Society

by Scott Cimarusti on November 8, 2007, no comments

A friend of mine suggested that I write a post in response to a recent news story about an 8th grader in Mascoutah, Illinois, who received detentions for hugging two of her friends before school let out for the weekend. So I will do so–since I can’t really think of anything else to write about, […]

Grad School Ups and Downs

by Scott Cimarusti on November 7, 2007, no comments

As an employee of the University of Illinois, I had hoped to take advantage of the tuition waiver benefit and pursue a masters degree. In my first attempt, I was denied admission to the program I applied to. In my second, and most recent attempt, I was accepted to a program that closely relates to […]


by Scott Cimarusti on November 6, 2007, no comments

First of all, this blog is not living up to its title in that it is not “daily” anymore. But I don’t care–I’m not changing the name again. Now, on to today’s post: MySpace. I just recently–within the past several weeks–set up a MySpace page. I got the idea from up-and-coming author, Joe Hill (who […]