McReport Card

by Scott Cimarusti on December 6, 2007, no comments

I couldn’t believe when I read an article in the Chicago Tribune about a school district in Seminole County, Florida that allowed McDonald’s to place advertisements on the report cards that went out to grade school children (K-5), promising free Happy Meals to students with good grades and/or attendance. I agree completely with the article’s […]

How Lucky Am I?

by Scott Cimarusti on December 4, 2007, no comments

I arrived at work this morning to see the voice-mail light on my phone blinking. Since that usually means trouble of some nature, I rolled my eyes and dialed into my voice-mail to listen to the awaiting message. What a pleasant surprise it was to hear the voice of my eleven-year old daughter saying “hello” […]

Grad School After All

by Scott Cimarusti on December 4, 2007, no comments

Thanks to federal student loans and even more debt for me, it appears (until some other obstacle arises, at least) that I will indeed be going to grad school, after all. And I hope to have my Master’s Degree in Education in about two years. Don’t worry, I won’t let such prestige change me–I’ll still […]

Catching Up…

by Scott Cimarusti on December 3, 2007, no comments

Wow… It’s been three weeks since I last posted anything here. I’m not aware of any public outcry, so I’m sure my lack of postings went completely unnoticed by everyone else–including me. I have no excuses–other than lack of inspiration and motivation, but I suppose that’s enough. Here are some random thoughts as filler until […]