The Real Purpose of the Internet

by Scott Cimarusti on July 24, 2008, no comments

…No, it’s not the enrichment of our global community through the free and relatively unrestricted exchange of information; nor is it even the proliferation of pornography… It’s this.

Thought-Provoking Video

by Scott Cimarusti on July 22, 2008, no comments

I’m glad I found this video again. I first saw it when my co-worker added to the playlist on the video wall at work. I discovered it again today when I had to watch it for a class assignment. According to the information on my class website, it was created by Michael Wesch, at Kansas […]

Pleasant Surprise

by Scott Cimarusti on July 19, 2008, no comments

One of the greatest things about being a parent is those rare moments when your children surprise you by doing or saying something that you approve of–all on their own; and it’s usually a relatively small gesture, but it can still have monumental impact. For example, my wife and I went out by ourselves the […]

Squirrel Video

by Scott Cimarusti on July 7, 2008, no comments

One of my tasks at work today, oddly enough, was to encode an old VHS videotape that was found in the office of a professor who passed away earlier this year. The tape turned out to be a home movie of the late professor in his backyard playing with a tamed squirrel. Yes, you read […]