Anatomy Lesson

by Scott Cimarusti on October 30, 2008, no comments

You can’t beat the simplicity and innocence of youth when it comes to reminders about what’s really important. And anyone who has ever questioned how much we stand to learn from children, has never spent a significant amount of time with them. I offer as an example, an excerpt from a conversation with my four […]

Memory Erasure?

by Scott Cimarusti on October 23, 2008, no comments

Yet another example of a groundbreaking scientific breakthrough with frightening implications for abuse: Scientists Erase Specific Memories in Mice

Reunion Ruminations

by Scott Cimarusti on October 5, 2008, no comments

(Like the alliteration in the title?) My 20-year high school reunion was this past weekend, and I was unable to attend because my wife is enrolled in a class that spanned Friday evening and all day Saturday–and arranging child care for your three kids during that time frame, or even a worthwhile portion of it, […]