And so it begins…

by Scott Cimarusti on January 23, 2009, no comments

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Steve Jobs

by Scott Cimarusti on January 15, 2009, no comments

Apple CEO and savior Steve Jobs announced today that he will be taking a five-month leave of absence for health reasons, and is planning on returning to the company sometime this summer. Because of his glaring absence at this year’s MacWorld, his gaunt appearance, and his surgery for pancreatic cancer back in 2004, some sages […]

Celebrity Morph

by Scott Cimarusti on January 7, 2009, no comments

Watch me morph into the late Heath Ledger–my celebrity lookalike, according to MyHeritage: Family tree – Genealogy – Celeb I should probably see how similar I am to the Joker in appearance… (or maybe not)