One of the Best Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

by Scott Cimarusti on March 28, 2009, no comments

Flash of Genius, starring Greg Kinnear–about the late Dr. Robert Kearns and his battle against the Ford Motor Company over his invention: intermittent windshield wipers. A compelling, well-written story with some outstanding performances–particularly by Kinnear. Not for the popcorn-gobbling theater zombies content with the typical mindless summer blockbuster fare, but rather for serious film-viewers who […]

Adolescence Understood

by Scott Cimarusti on March 17, 2009, no comments

Even though I somehow managed to survive the turbulent years of adolescence, even in retrospect, I still never really understood why we as humans have to suffer through such a tumultuous and awkward phase of life. Until now. Now that I have a twelve-year old daughter, I think I’ve finally figured out why we must […]