More Photoshop Fun

by Scott Cimarusti on July 31, 2009, no comments

I couldn’t resist…  Since I had so much fun with my last Photoshop experiment, I thought I would try one more–this time, though, I added the same photo of Megan Fox to a snapshot of me wearing goofy glasses later on at the same wedding reception. This time, I compromised attempted realism for humor.  Now […]

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

by Scott Cimarusti on July 30, 2009, no comments

My new neighbor across the street is a very talented and accomplihed tattoo artist, and my wife–who’s been considering getting a tattoo for quite some time now–is suggesting that she and I both get one from our new neighbor. First, I’m not sure I’m a “tattoo guy”.  Second, I have no idea what I would […]

The Most Trusted Man in America

by Scott Cimarusti on July 24, 2009, no comments

No, it’s not me–believe it or not…  According to a poll, it’s actually Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”.  More here. And I have to say that I wouldn’t disagree…

Photoshop Fun

by Scott Cimarusti on July 22, 2009, no comments

I had to stay late at work last night to record an evening seminar, and I was incredibly bored, so I thought I would amuse myself by playing around in Photoshop.  So I took a photo from my wife’s niece’s recent wedding reception, and I “invited” a celebrity guest: I think it turned out pretty […]

Scholarship Essay

by Scott Cimarusti on July 21, 2009, no comments

I recently applied for a scholarship, and part of the process was writing an essay.  Here is my submission: I have been a father for almost thirteen years now, and one of the most surprising and enlightening (and humbling) things about parenthood is discovering just how much we learn from our children—almost as much as […]

Second Life for Training Med Students

by Scott Cimarusti on July 20, 2009, no comments

I have some experience exploring Second Life and OpenSim, and I am beginning to appreciate its educational potential, but I never would have imagined this (from an article in Discover): Can Training in Second Life Teach Doctors to Save Real Lives?

New Blog Title

by Scott Cimarusti on July 17, 2009, no comments

I think I’ve finally found a title that I’m satisfied with–after having the blog for almost two years now (first on Blogger, then here). I never liked the word “mental” in the title–to me, it conveyed lunacy or instability.  Whereas the definition I found on for “cognitive” seemed to be closer to the meaning […]