A Much-Needed Affirmation

by Scott Cimarusti on October 29, 2010, no comments

Yesterday was my daughter’s 14th birthday.  Judging by her Facebook wall cluttered with birthday acknowledgments from many of her 500+ friends, I’m guessing she did not want for attention at any point throughout the day.  My wife and I did our best to commemorate her special day with the generous gift of an iPod Touch–something […]

The “New” Halloween

by Scott Cimarusti on October 14, 2010, no comments

OK, maybe it’s not really “new”, but it’s a trend I’ve noticed during the past several years… At some point–after I became a married man and father, unfortunately–Halloween somehow made the transformation from a holiday where children dressed up in costumes and went door-to-door innocently soliciting candy from their neighbors…to an occasion for women to […]