Mother’s Day Musings

by Scott Cimarusti on May 8, 2011, no comments

Today is Mother’s Day, the second since my mom passed away in December 2009.  I am married with three kids–the oldest being 14, so Mother’s Day has had increased significance for me for many years now.  Where once it simply served as an occasion to acknowledge my own mother, in the almost sixteen years since I’ve […]

Men vs. Women Arguing

by Scott Cimarusti on May 8, 2011, no comments

Note there’s never any question for the woman if she’s right.  Curious…  (Of course, if you brought this to their attention, they would say it’s because they’re never wrong–and, sadly, they would be serious.)    

Bucket List Recommendations

by Scott Cimarusti on May 5, 2011, no comments

Even though I’m not a big fan of the term “bucket list” (I think it’s become cliche), here are my recommendations for yours–in no particular order: Go sightseeing around a big city Visit an art museum (with an open mind, of course) Find an unobstructed view of the horizon and watch both a sunrise and […]

Phonies and the Continued Banality of Facebook

by Scott Cimarusti on May 1, 2011, no comments

Don’t get me wrong–I don’t proclaim to be the most revolutionary thinker of our time, but I can’t help but shake my head at the constant stream of inane and unoriginal blather exchanged within social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).  Granted, there is plenty of original thinking and insightful commentary as well, but it’s in the […]

Women’s Literature

by Scott Cimarusti on May 1, 2011, no comments No wonder Twilight author Stephenie Meyer and her even less talented wannabe counterparts are making money off of this poor excuse for a literary genre–which would be better described as “chick lit porn”.  At least call it for what it is, rather than try and whore it up as anything but trashy romance “novels” under […]