A Turtle Sighting

by Scott Cimarusti on July 22, 2013, no comments

I had to take my car to the shop this morning to have some work done.  On my walk to my office, I spotted a turtle–oddly enough–near the curb at one of the intersections I crossed. And being a Stephen King fan and a Dark Tower nerd, I couldn’t help but think of the poem from […]

Men’s Radar

by Scott Cimarusti on July 15, 2013, no comments

I’m quite confident that this radar remains the same for most males even beyond adolescence:

The Kindness of a Neighbor

by Scott Cimarusti on July 14, 2013, no comments

My neighbor’s name is Ron. He’s a semi-retired African-American gentleman who likes to listen to classic Motown while he lovingly details his car. He also sits out on his front porch to enjoy an occasional beer and/or cigarette. He is also one of the kindest most unassumingly sincere people I’ve met in a long time. […]

Skipping Stones

by Scott Cimarusti on July 7, 2013, no comments

Today I took my youngest son to a park that has a small lake. We wandered its many paths, watched ducks and followed geese. We also spent the better part of an hour digging up rocks in search of the “perfect” stones to skip across the water. And I couldn’t help but think back to […]

Following Paths

by Scott Cimarusti on July 6, 2013, no comments

“Adults follow paths. Children explore. Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths…” –Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane Maybe the process of “growing up” is becoming too set in our ways and losing the […]

Letting Go, Part 2: Love

by Scott Cimarusti on July 2, 2013, no comments

From an early age, we are conditioned to subscribe to the notion that there is one person, one love out there to “complete” us. Fairy tales, books, movies, TV shows, advertising, and dating sites all preach this doctrine. So many of us spend our lives searching for that one love that will give our lives […]

Choices, Part 3: Perspective

by Scott Cimarusti on July 1, 2013, no comments

I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference for work out of town. And now that I’ve been back home for a few days, I’m realizing that one of the side benefits of being away–even for a little while–is a slightly new perspective. It’s all too easy to get mired in our day-to-day routine, […]