Valentine’s Day 2015 Post-mortem

by Scott Cimarusti on February 15, 2015, no comments

It’s no secret that being alone and lonely on Valentine’s Day sucks. Being alone and lonely any day sucks, really. But for Valentine’s Day, there seems to be additional pressure to not be alone and lonely. However…one not need to be alone to be lonely, as many of have us have learned the hard way. […]

Time Keeper

by Scott Cimarusti on February 6, 2015, no comments

For the past few years, my personal life has been rather tumultuous for reasons I will not list here. More recently, however, things have stabilized enough to the point of routine. Routine can sometimes have a negative stigma, but after a period of uncertainty, routine can be welcome calm seas after a storm. A drawback […]

Toilet Plunger Legislation

by Scott Cimarusti on February 3, 2015, no comments

When boys reach the age of twelve, their parents should be issued one toilet plunger for every bathroom in the house. I don’t know if it’s a consequence of the sheer volume of food teenage boys ingest, or the preferred flushing protocol gets lost in translation from father to teenaged son, but I find myself […]


by Scott Cimarusti on February 2, 2015, no comments

So here I am again, attempting yet another jumpstart of a blogging habit that has fizzled out with my previous attempts. Sure, I can blame my usual excuse for not writing: the responsibilities and obligations of life intruding and keeping me from seducing my muse. But I can’t help but wonder if part of the […]