A Revealing Tale

by Scott Cimarusti on June 17, 2010, no comments

Upon leaving an afternoon meeting today, I continued a leisurely discussion with one of my colleagues, talking while walking past the coffee shop on the first floor of the building where I work.  Out of the corner of my eye, at a table by the large window overlooking the courtyard, I happened to notice a young couple engaged in what appeared to be a heated discussion about something–in a language other than English.  The young woman–who was rather attractive, I noted–seemed particularly animated, gesturing emphatically.  My curiosity was piqued by this discussion, so I kept an eye on it as I continued the conversation with my colleague.  The couple quickly got my full attention, however, (well, one of them did, anyway) when I observed the woman suddenly tear open her shirt to reveal her ample cleavage displayed in a bright pink push-up bra.  She continued to speak and gesture with conviction, emphasizing her almost bare breasts as she did so–then, after a casual look around, calmly began buttoning up her shirt.

Of course my colleague, who was facing away from them, had no idea what happened–though I wonder if he noticed my attention wandering…  It was such an unusual occurrence that I had to convince myself that it had actually happened.  Even as I write this, I still wonder…

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