Original fiction & other writing by Scott Cimarusti

Novels & eBooks
The “Last Archer” Trilogy:
Book I: The Last Archer of Laummoren
Book II: The Last Archer’s Legacy
Book III: The Last Archer’s Return

Whispers in the Dark
(amazon Kindle | Smashwords )
Midnight Embers
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Winter Blossoms
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Short Fiction and Poetry
The Old Man’s Briefcase
Midnight at the Crossroads
Modern-Day Orpheus
The Woman of Shadows
Final Presentation
The Custodian’s Last Dance
Windy City Nocturne
The Word Witch
I Think I Finally Figured It Out
Handprints on the Mirror
Thirsty (or, The Longest Saturday)
Roses on the Doorstep
Last Stop on the Gold Line
Fireflies in July
An Unexpected Muse
Coffee Shop Confessional
Buzzsaw Briggs’s Last Day
Cloudburst on 17th Street
A Safe Port in A Storm
The Garden Has Grown to Weed and Rust
Another Coffee Shop Confessional

How to Get Started in Voice-Over and Radio Announcing

Freelance Articles
Unraveling Appleā€™s Video Adapter and Cabling Confusion
Making the Switch to Blu-ray
Keeping Your Computer’s Data Intact and Portable
Using HDMI Splitters



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